We are Passionate About “YOU”

World class training and consultancy. A unique combination of high-end services. Lectures, training of trainers, workshops, case studies, table-top exercises and more…


You can directly choose a thoroughly designed training module from our off-the-shelf portfolio or contact us for a tailor-made training that meets your needs.


Our consultants are not only experts in their areas, but they’re also hands-on in applying and transforming their knowledge to the needs of the business.

Events & Webinars

Other than training and consultancy, we organise events and webinars related to our expertise and bring influencers together from all around the world to help your goals.

Horizon Global Academy (HGA)*, as a sound voice on issues related to the private, public, and social sectors, offers world-class training and consultancy on a variety of subjects through a unique combination of high-end services including lectures, training of trainers, workshops, case studies, and table-top exercises.

HGA helps clients transform their organisations, core processes and mind-sets; build capabilities in an ever-changing context; and develop excellence in execution to ensure that actions translate into results, quickly and sustainably.

Thanks to its in-house expertise and through a worldwide network, comprising of highly experienced professionals, diplomats, academics, and instructors; HGA specialises in the design of bespoke training & consultancy services in;

  • AI-Centric Transformation
  • Cybersecurity (incl. Technicals and Non-Technical Executives)
  • Individual and Corporate Data (IT) Solutions
  • Strategic Crisis Management
  • Crime Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Business Intelligence and Geopolitics
  • Defense Institution Building
  • Consultancy on NATO and the EU

Moreover, HGA provides a wide range of IT courses on data science pursuant to the needs of individuals as well as corporates through in-house expertise and strategic partnerships with specialised IT companies.

What sets us apart?

  • A comprehensive range of training & consultancy services, which we can tailor easily and cost-effectively to the needs of clients.
  • Hands-on training, long-lasting learning effect, follow-up support and expertise to empower our clients.
  • The best and most experienced professionals are hand-picked from our cross-functional expert groups as the trainers.
  • A pool of experts around the world combines international quality standards.
  • Comprehensive and interdisciplinary approaches that bridge knowledge and practice.
  • Programs, as a unique feature, which are combined with field experiences, such as visits and engagements with leading institutions and figures, workshops, case studies, and exercises.



*HGA is a key institution of Beyond the Horizon International Strategic Studies Group, a next-generation think & do tank which focuses on international affairs, global peace and security.