AI-Centric Transformation

Online, Face-to-face training and on-demand mentoring for top executives, business professionals, academicians, think-tankers and researchers


Geopolitical and inter-institutional affairs as well as trend topic training for business with distilled curriculum provided by a blend of scholars and practitioners.


Unique content to assist individuals to change their career path to data science with a comprehensive program incl. live course, 1-on-1 mentorship, instant technical support and more…


Comprehensive courses with a focus on Data Science as well as Business Intelligence, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Bespoken curriculum pursuant to your company’s needs.

HGA Audience Audience

Automotive, Banking, Asset and Wealth Management, Capital Markets, Finance and Accounting Procurement, Healthcare, Life Science and Pharma, Food, Education, Insurance, Property and Life, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Communication

HGA Key Takeaway Takeaways (Drafts)

You will;

  • Be aware of the risks posed by cyber threats.
  • Be able to discern cyber threats and possible actors behind cybercrime.
  • Grasp how cyber attacks pose risk to your business.
  • Figure out assets in your business including AI powered systems.
  • Not feel sidelined by IT experts nor perplexed by the complexity of their work, rather, supervise IT experts as they respond incidents.
  • Lead designing an architecture to mitigate the risks posed by cyberthreats.

One-Day Seminar on
AI-Centric Transformation in Business


  • Leading AI technologies and application areas
  • How the emerging trends in AI-driven automation will transform business
  • The future of Fintech using AI; building long-term trust&providing decision support to create long-term client-business relationships
  • How to lead your company into the AI era

One-Day Training for
Senior Business Leaders and Managers


  • AI for executives: Faster and smart decisions in a new era ruled by data, Negotiation Support Systems for Business
  • Building the right environment and AI team in your company to support AI-based business
  • How AI can be used for predictive, automated business intelligence? Business intelligence Apps built on machine learning
  • As artificial intelligence re-writes business models, how are business models being transformed by AI?

Four-Day Training for Mid-level Managers and Relevant Staff

First Day: AI for Sales & Marketing

  • Changing customer demands and their expectations for customization and engagement
  • How AI help your company to understand customers’ preferences in order to reach them at the right time, in the right place and with the right product
  • Digital commerce and digital commerce personalization AI-based customer service and support
    AI-based sales

Second Day: AI for Operations

  • How AI enable your business to harness key challenges such as increasingly complex supply chains, volatile demand trends, rising customer expectations and fierce competition
  • Internet of Things (IoTs)
  • Governance and information management for AI
  • Smart business approaches with specific capabilities
  • Smart agents (for phone, chatbots, and more)
  • Optimizing inventory orders
  • Anticipating machine or system failures
  • Identifying computer threats
  • Spotting fraudulent customer activity

Third-Day: AI for Talent & Workplace

  • How AI enables the workplace of the future: an environment that facilitates collaboration, proactively presents users with relevant, real-time information, predicts issues and prevents problems
  • Digital workplace
  • How AI empowers people to deliver even better services
  • Human capital management/recruiting
  • IT services monitoring and help desk

Fourth Day: AI for Finance

  • How AI help your organization address time-consuming, laborious tasks keep finance professionals from engaging in a proactive business partnering role
  • How AI help your organization maximize revenues and minimize costs
  • Digital Business Initiatives

Recent Activities

AI-Centric Transformation in Business Seminar Training

Face-to-face training experience for top executives, business professionals, academicians, think-tankers and researchers.

This training empowers and helps C-Level decision makers; corporate executives; operations, finance, sales & marketing, human resources, legal & strategy VPs, directors, managers, and staff; academician, think-tanker or researcher (Incl. PhD. Researcher) get equipped with the skills and competencies to perform and succeed in the AI era.

Recently, I attended the AI Centric Transformation in Business Seminar organised by Horizon Global Academy. I enjoyed the opportunity to listen and exchange with academics, experts and businesses that are in the forefront of AI technology. The morning sessions in particular had a practical and engaging appeal which made it easier for non experts to follow the conversation. I’d love to see another event with European companies showcasing best practices and case studies of the benefits of AI technology.

Lucas Lanziotti


I have attended with great interest to the AI Centric Transformation in Business Seminar organised by Horizon Global Academy. This instructive seminar was perfectly organised and the content was very high level. Congratulations to Horizon Global Academy and Beyond the Horizon ISSG.

Hughes Verbrouck

Head of Commercial, citydev.brussels

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