Crisis Response and Management

Three-day training where hottest topics in Crisis Response and Management compatible with the EU and NATO’s process.


You can directly choose a thoroughly designed training module from our off-the-shelf portfolio or contact us for a tailor-made training that meets your needs.


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Professional Military, Police, Intelligence and Defense Civilian Elite


  • Training consists of 2-day courses whereby topics are presented, and follow-up discussions are held by the participation of trainees, and crisis response exercise at operational and strategic level.
  • All lectures include a special focus on the bottom-line for the focused region/country.
  • Participants are takento a tour of most important European Institutions – Parliament; Foreign Affairs, Defence and Security, Regional Development; and the EU Commission- where a meeting with leading Member of Parliaments and their staff is organized.
  • Content is tailoredto the needs of the audience,
  • Networking dinner and cocktails are organizedwhere politicians, academia as well as industry members are present.

Proposed Content: (Operational, Strategic and Political Level)

  • Crisis Response Planning
  • Comprehensive Operations Planning
  • Crisis Management Process
  • Civil Emergency Planning, United Nations Role in Disaster Response and European Union Civil Protection Mechanism
  • Multinational Crisis Management


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Recently, I attended the “AI Centric Transformation for Business” organised by Horizon Global Academy. I enjoyed the opportunity to listen and exchange with academics, experts and businesses that are in the forefront of AI technology. The morning sessions in particular had a practical and engaging appeal which made it easier for non experts to follow the conversation. I’d love to see another event with European companies showcasing best practices and case studies of the benefits of AI technology.

Lucas Lanziotti


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