Defence Planning and Resource Management


Defence Planning and Resource Management domain aims to employ the methods and practices of defence planning and management tools to maximize different units’ role and performance to achieve a particular desired (institutional) objective by evolving pragmatic solutions.

While nations plan for the future, they base their processes on estimation, prediction and guess. Planning is based on assumptions prepared today and some consequences of the assumptions of yesterday. Defence planning, as Colin Gray (2014) said, ‘is all about meeting the challenges of uncertainty and dilemmas’ to prepare the organisation or country for a situation which is not known, not having proper knowledge and skills.

Defence management is present, happens at all levels of an organisation and it governs all activities. It starts with the formulation of policies through direction and control, including all aspects of service life. To govern this domain, one needs to understand and interpret the environment within military, known as the situational awareness. After possessing it, one can plan, organise, direct, coordinate, and control the internal efforts of the army.

HGA Audience Attendees

  • Peace operations planners (International Organisations)
  • Government officials
  • Military
  • Security experts

HGA Key Takeaway main Takeaways

    • Explain the main defence planning and management concepts by providing advice to future organisational development.
    • Employ defence management methods and tools to recommend effective and efficient organisations.
    • Examine the decision-making of organisations in managing resources.
    • Apply the management toolkit (problem identification, stakeholders and SWOT analysis, etc.)

Programme Horizon Global Academy Programme

Day 1

– Introduction
– Principles of Defence Planning and Management

Day 2

– Planning methodologies  
– Resource management 

Day 3

– Applying planning/management tools.
– Conclusions

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