AI-Centric Transformation

in Business (4-Day Training)




Implementation of AI applications in business transforms the way professionals behave, the modus operandi of the whole spectrum of business itself, from day-to-day management of the business to the strategic plannings. And it is no longer an option, but a necessity.

Artificial Intelligence allows companies to be more efficient and intelligent, saving time and money while ensuring better experiences. Moreover, AI offers businesspeople a tremendous chance to solve their ever-growing problems. With Artificial Intelligence, businesses can predict and shape future outcomes, maximize database performance, and develop more effective business models. Technology leaders and business people say that AI is boosting their efficiency a lot already.

AI has the potential to transform businesses for the better. Uncover how AI can help you turn data into value with these trainings.

HGA Audience Attendees

Mid-Level Business Managers and Relevant Staff

Programme Horizon Global Academy Programme

First Day – AI for Sales & Marketing

Changing customer demands and their expectations for customization and engagement
How AI help your company to understand customers’ preferences in order to reach them at the right time, in the right place and with the right product

Digital commerce and digital commerce personalization
AI-based customer service and support
AI-based sales

Workshop – Case Studies/Best Practices
Workshop – Brainstorming, AI-based Sales & Marketing Roadmap for your company

Second Day – AI for Operations

How AI enable your business to harness key challenges such as increasingly complex supply chains, volatile demand trends, rising customer expectations and fierce competition
  • Internet of Things (IoTs)
  • Governance and information management for AI
Smart business approaches with specific capabilities
  • Smart agents (for phone, chatbots, and more)
  • Optimizing inventory orders
Smart business approaches with specific capabilities
  • Anticipating machine or system failures
  • Identifying computer threats
  • Spotting fraudulent customer activity

Workshop – Case Studies/Best Practices
Workshop – Brainstorming, AI-based Operations Roadmap for your company

Third Day – AI for Talent & Workplace

How AI enables the workplace of the future: an environment that facilitates collaboration, proactively presents users with relevant, real-time information, predicts issues and prevents problems
Digital workplace
How AI empowers people to deliver even better services
  • Human capital management/recruiting
  • IT services monitoring and help desk

Workshop – Case Studies/Best Practices
Workshop – Brainstorming, AI-based Talent & Workplace Roadmap for your

Fourth Day – AI for Finance

How AI help your organization address time-consuming, laborious tasks keep finance professionals from engaging in a proactive business partnering role.
How AI help your organization maximize revenues and minimize costs
Digital Business Initiatives

Workshop – Case Studies/Best Practices
Workshop – Brainstorming, AI-based Finance Roadmap for your company

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