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Crises happen, it’s not in our hands. Yet, implementing some tried and true common risk management tactics is in our hands, and this can certainly ease an organisation through a crisis, including the current COVID-19 crisis. 

Perhaps the main takeaway after things have calmed down and started to return to whatever the new normal will be is that risk management can greatly assist an organisation in dealing with such unexpected events. 

Developing and implementing a robust risk management strategy is invaluable in unique times. Once the crisis has started to recede for your organisation, that is the time to develop a strategically thought out risk management plan, so managing the next crisis will be much more efficient.

HGA Audience Attendees

  • Nonprofit board members and managers who wish to learn risk management tools
  • Senior leaders and department heads who are actively managing risk
  • Nonprofit employees who want to improve their management skills
  • Anyone who has an interest in joining a nonprofit organization


HGA Key Takeaway main Takeaways

  • Become familiar with the risk management best practices
  • Compare the pros and cons of various key models and determine the best for your organization

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Risk management frameworks
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