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Terrorist attacks in a state have spillover effects on the region and the international order. From 2002 to 2019, the world suffered more than 106,000 terrorist attacks, 70% of which occurred in MENA and South Asia. Only in 2019, 28,082 people were killed by terrorists. 

In this environment, counterterrorism efforts and collaboration of internal and external actors in the fight against terrorism are vital. Several official and unofficial bodies work together to deal with terrorism. 

The elite units of the countries, Special Operations, play a game-changer role in the fight against terrorist groups, as they are trained to survive and operate under severe conditions and against irregular bodies. 

Horizon Global Academy provides a novel approach, a blend of data-driven and AI-powered methodology and hands-on exercise, to Special Operations training with its highly qualified experts.

HGA Audience Attendees

  • Counterterrorism and intelligence decision-makers
  • Special forces and units officials, trainers, practitioners and officers

HGA Key Takeaway main Takeaways

  • Obtain strategies and tactics which enable the decline and demise of terrorist groups
  • Learn how to employ special operations forces in counter terrorism operations
  • Master religiously inspired terrorism strategies and counterterrorism methodologies
  • Recognise innovation and information technologies in special operations
  • Cooperate and coordinate with international actors
  • Exercise with data-driven multiple futures scenarios

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