AI-Powered Red Teaming Based Counter Terrorism




This training will employ a unique and original methodology, Artificial Intelligence Powered Advanced Red Teaming (APART), which is designed by a diverse group of professionals from a wide spectrum of expertise. It offers both active and passive red teaming services at all levels (strategic, operational, tactical) in counterterrorism.

APART, supported by cutting edge technologies -primarily the human-augmented artificial intelligence-, enables planners, decision makers and managers to assess their plans, assumptions and preparedness for the future as well as their current status and performance in multiple scenarios within a plausibility universe through a realistic simulation of threats, adversaries and environment.

HGA Audience Attendees

  • Law enforcement executives and staff
  • Counter-terrorism officers, trainers and decision-makers
  • Intelligence practitioners and officers

HGA Key Takeaway main Takeaways

    • Master the concepts of terrorism and counterterrorism
    • Recognise human and artificial intelligence based hybrid models 
    • Diagnose organisation’s needs and demands
    • Exercise multiple future scenarios

Programme Horizon Global Academy Programme

Day 1: Basics
  • AI, its applications and areas of implementation
  • The concept of red teaming 
  • APART methodology
  • The practical flow of the training
Day 2: Diagnostics

The attendees are invited to provide as much information as they can on the structure, mission and needs of their organisation as well as their expectations from the training. Expect no early solutions on this day.

Day 3: Advance

The attendees will master their knowledge on terrorism and counterterrorism on:

  • Target terrorist group behavioural pattern recognition models (ideology, structure, modus operandi)
  • Strategic threat and risk assessment (threat recognition, early detection) 
  • First responder training (the police, border security or special units of the armed forces)
  • Predictive emergency and crisis management

Meanwhile, trainers will generate cutting edge scenarios to uncover the boundaries of what is probable, plausible, possible or preferable for the respective organisation in the future. Various horizon scanning tools (AI-powered) and techniques will be implemented to provide the best scenario universe possible.

Day 4: Wargaming (Workshop) for Counterterrorism Response

The attendees will have the opportunity to exercise hybrid intelligence based (a combination of human and artificial intelligence) multiple future scenarios in order to fill the gap between the reality and simulated environments and develop unique, data-driven and measurable plannings for the organisation.

Day 5: Assessment

A unique assessment will be made for the organisation, using novel approaches and techniques such as impact measurement and management (vectors approach), ruled engine and algorithms based assessment tools. Emphasis will be given on the importance of security sector reform and defence institution building for counterterrorism strategic planning and operations.

I have attended with great interest to the AI Centric Transformation in Business Seminar organised by Horizon Global Academy. This instructive seminar was perfectly organised and the content was very high level. Congratulations to Horizon Global Academy and Beyond the Horizon ISSG.
Hughes Verbrouck

Head of Commercial, citydev.brussels

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